Short answer

whatever piques my interest.  

Long answer

After I graduated high school in June '17 I decided to start a podcast. I called it “Pique,” asked a friend to design a logo, and started talking to people.

Since graduating, I’ve walked around downtown Portland asking people about slang, talked to college professors about education, and had multiple great interviews that will be forever lost because I didn’t press “record.”

I loved talking to people and making podcasts. Unfortunately, after classes started to pick up during my first year of college, Pique lost priority. I spent more time working on other projects and getting involved with clubs on campus.

Now, beginning my second year of college, I feel as if I’ve reached a critical juncture in my life. Things I once thought I would pursue for decades no longer seemed appealing, but writing, making podcasts, and talking to people have always brought me immeasurable joy.

As a result, Pique is back. Podcasts may still be few and far between, but expect essays, satire, interviews, and anything else that piques my interest.